Praktijk voor eclectische energetische natuurgeneeskunde

Hi I am Loes and I offer E.E.N.® (Eclectic Energetic Natural medicine) therapy. It is a nice combination of naturopathic and psychosocial therapy.

The E.E.N. ® therapy is a holistic healing method. As a therapist I choose the best from Western regular medicine, Eastern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. I work from psychology, the chakra system, the meridian system and the organ systems. For example, I assume that health and emotional well-being is an interplay between body, mind and soul.

 You have a goal and / or request for help that you want to get started with. It may be that you get stuck in something, need to understand yourself better or experience physical symptoms. As a client it is nice to know that I fully assume your needs and that you are in charge of the treatment. As a result, you will find that the therapy follows your pace and matches who you are and what you need.

The E.E.N. ®Therapy is suitable for all age groups. Both children and adults benefit from the treatment because it has a harmonizing effect with the aim of total balance.
In addition, E.E.N.® Therapy is extremely suitable for the treatment of (traumatized) animals and for balancing the energy of a house.