Praktijk voor eclectische energetische natuurgeneeskunde

Before the first consultation

Clients received by e-mail:

  • A short questionnaire for anamnesis.
  • An empty treatment agreement.
  • General terms and conditions of Elskling.
  • Information about the complaints procedure and affiliation with the disputes committee.
  • Privacy statement.

Global course of a consultation.

Case history and treatment plan.

The consultation starts with a anamnesis. During the first consultation this will be more extensive and the course of life, (medical) history and family will also be discussed in more detail. During a follow-up consultation you will be asked about the past weeks. During the anamnesis (and the whole consultation), you are invited to think about the treatment, to ask questions and to make his wishes known. I will assist you, as needed, with formulating a goal of guiding question for the consultation. The treatment plan is then filled in and signed. Allopathic medicine (prescription medicine) and official diagnosis are taken into account while making a diagnoses and planning a course of treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment

I provide an explanation during all times about the course of the consultation. The diagnosis is made with the help of the pendulum and the SiVAS method at consciousness level, the energetic and / or the physical body. During the diagnosis you will be lying upon a treatment table. You will be dressed at all times, only the shoes go off. After making the diagnosis, I will start a conversation with you. I  will consult with you and propose a treatment. This will also be in regard to the  course, contents, the use of any supporting means and any contact with the body (eg holding the feet). You determine whether the proposed treatment fits in and is used. You think along, give your opinioin, state your feelings and so help shape the form and content of the treatment.

The direction the treatment takes lies with you. The treatment is based on your  inner strength.As such you may find that you will be able to release and clear out old trauma or emotional blockage through awareness and forgiveness. This creates space for a new way of looking and responding.

Types of therapy and treatment:

  • Regression therapy.
  • Treatments with the Ankh
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Different chakra and aura treatments.
  • Aromatherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Breathing techniques
  • Disease prevention
  • Nutritional intolerance treatment.

Supporting resources and therapies that can be used

  • E.E.N® energetic remedies
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Sanoconcept: chakrasan remedies, Qi-Remedies and the physical resources.
  • Precious stones
  • Schussler cell salts
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Numerology

Advice, referral and follow-up appointment.

I write out an advisatory prescription. I will provade further explanation about the effect of the prescribed (homeopathic) remedies as needed.

If there are problems that require the attention of regular healthcare, I will refere you to one.

If desired, a date for a follow-up consultation can be agreed. You are free, independently of this, to contact me with questions.