Praktijk voor eclectische energetische natuurgeneeskunde

I am Loes Lambooij and as a child I loved reading a lot: being completely absorbed in another world where anything was possible. Still reading is one of my favorite things to do in the world. Each book gave me a new world view. Each character has a different way of dealing with that world. I learned that everyone carries light and dark in them, has emotions, can grow as a person and is fantastically beautiful. With these building blocks and from the basic idea that, without judging, all aspects of a person may be acknowledged, I started as a therapist.

Elskling. The name of my practice. How do I get it and what does it actually mean? It comes from Norwegian and means as much as: darling, love, sweetheart. My husband thought it was a suitable name for me at the time, his Elskling. There was so much love and warmth in it that when I had to choose a name for my practice the choice was quickly made: Elskling. I have my practice at home. It is a very nice place; warm, loving and safe. I enjoy being able to live and work there.

I live with my husband and our dog Chicca, who, as an old grandmother, often snores lightly on the couch. In my front garden you can find various herbs, fruit trees and tomatoes and beans in the right season. In addition to gardening, I also like to be creative. Of course I still enjoy reading a lot. Since a while my husband and I also have a new favorite vacation spot where we like to go: Portugal. For me, really the place-to-be: enjoy what the country offers in the midle-of-nowhere.